Gather your history, share your heritage, feed your soul.

To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root. – Chinese Proverb


PRESERVE & share your family history

Families collect all sorts of memorabilia, from photographs to genealogy charts, to help us remember important people and occasions. Some people write memoirs and some are waiting to be interviewed about their lives. All of that information can be preserved and shared in creative and beautiful ways, such as:

  • heritage books (family history, oral history, memoir, photos)
  • generational portraits
  • family trading cards - photos and facts about ancestors that can spark conversation and stories with children 
  • scavenger hunt or history tour to local sites important to your family's story
  • family memory game - card matching game using relatives' photos

I can help organize the treasures and treasured information you want to share into new and interesting ways for your family to learn about it's history.

Contact me to tell me about your ideas and together we'll make something amazing that will honor your ancestors and inspire your offspring.