Gather your recipes, share your stories, feed your soul.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” -Alan D. Wolfelt


Who hasn't wished they could make a memorable dish just like their grandmother used to? Or knew the secret spices on their father's pork ribs? Or had the recipe for their Aunt Alice's blueberry pie? Maybe you want to make sure your grandchildren know how to make your signature cookies for their own grandchildren one day.  There are endless occasions for sharing family recipes and stories, like:

  • welcome a new baby into the family by gifitng loved childhood recipes to their parents
  • equip a child or grandchild with family favorites to make in their first apartment or new home
  • capture the faces and recipes of extended family at a reunion to share throughout the year
  • honor one great cook by telling their story with recipes, photos, and memories

Legacy Cookbooks

There are so many ways to self publish a cookbook. Let me help you navigate the choices. I can take your recipes, photos, and stories (written or ones I record in interviews), and design something that will become a family heirloom for generations. 

Recipe Cards

A set of recipe cards can be a fun yet practical way to share the dishes of multiple family members. Feature one recipe per person with their photo and personal details. I can even set up a photo booth at your family reunion to capture pictures and recipes all at once. 


Framed Recipe

Shine a spotlight on one precious person by preserving their most memorable recipe with a photo and special words about them.


Contact me with your ideas and together we'll make something you'll be proud of.